I guess this is a brief history since the history of this little company is brief, so far.  Kingwood Spice Merchant was formed on January 9, 2019 but has been in my heart for many years.

The spark that got the idea of of “some day” and into TODAY was a random pod-cast I happened upon while walking one evening after work.  The story coming through my headphones spoke to me in such a way I had to start doing and not just dreaming.

Kingwood Spice is about adventure.  The adventure of turning a meal into something exceptional.  Of learning where the food you eat comes from.  How to season food, what proportions and learning the break the rules, if you want.  It’s about opening up to new cuisines and also new cultures.

I am also rooted in the community.  That’s why I’ll be offering the best quality and  freshest herbs and spices for sale at my local farmer’s markets.  I want to meet each and every one of you. Through this community, Kingwood Spice will reach out to folks for whom a meal is not guaranteed.

So join me around the Houston area on weekends.  I may show up at your local charity market.  Walk with me on this adventure.  See y’all soon!

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