Let’s talk about 2021.  Last year I talked about the numerology of the number four (2020) which tends to practical, loyal and service oriented.  It can also be rigid, dogmatic, and dull.  I’m not sure that panned out so let’s look at number five. 

Number five is said to relate to nature and art.  It resonates with personal freedom, being unconventional and life lesson learned through experience.  Sounds good so far.  The number five dislikes routine, confinement (yeah), and inactivity. I think we all are ready for some change. 

While we can’t just rip those masks off, we can use 2021 to be the beginning of greater activity, communing with nature more often and adventure.  I know many of you started your first garden this year (get those starts going in January, Houston), learned to bake bread, practiced canning.  Keep it going!  Knowing how to do these things and others help your family and our community. 

As for me, I’ve been locked up at home enough for now.  I’ll be using 2021 to address my physical and mental health and eating habits.  Getting more fresh air and getting up early to work and read.  I’ll be reaching out to people outside my normal circle and being a better friend to those inside my current circle.

One thing that is going to continue for 2021 is Turkish food. If you like experimenting with different spice combinations, but aren’t confident to do it on your own, Turkish food is for you. It’s different enough to stretch your pallet, but not risky. Learn the difference between kababs and kofta. Plenty of vegetarian offerings, if that’s your inclination.

I found the best hummus recipe ever and we need to start out the new year with a new recipe, so I offer this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88ljbueBLBw If you like hummus and you’ve ever made it at home and found it to be gritty, this recipe will give you silky smooth hummus. If you’ve never made it, I urge you to try. I hope you enjoy the recipe and Refika’s Kitchen. She’s high energy and just a delight.

We’ve all been though a very rough year.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  Hang on.  We got this. ((HUGS))

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